28 Oct, 2019
11 Dec, 2017


Atlas CEA has announced the addition of the Atlas Copco QAC 1100 1000kVA Twin Power Generator to their prime mobile generator range delivering high performance, low-cost of ownership and transport efficiency to Australian customers. According to Kevin Ennis, Atlas CEA’s General Manager Sales, the six metre containerized generator with two 500kVA generators inside, is perfect for applications with variable power needs, whether it’s due to the time of day or the current usage requirements. This also gives a N+1 factor for delicate situations when a backup power supply is essential.

“The QAC 1100 portable generator is perfect for portable applications that require intensive use such as on civil, construction, government, industrial, mining and rental sites.” Kevin says.

“The greatest advantage that the QAC 1100 generator offers our customers is with the two generators in one platform. This gives you flexibility because you can run this generator at 100% power load or lower power loads. This ensures that you will meet your energy requirements in the most efficient way.”

“Transportation of the QAC 1100 is simple. This portable generator comes with robust lifting eyes and forklift inlets, enabling quick handling and transportation.”

Produced using top quality components this generator has been tested in severe operating conditions to ensure durability and to maintain the residual value of the asset.

“Air, oil and fuel filters for heavy work and rust free, easy to clean fuel allows for a lower risk of breakdown.” Kevin says.

“The spillage free frame reduces any potential environmental impact. It can contain 110% of the fluid capacity of the generator.”

The Atlas Copco QAC 1100 Twin Power is designed for easy service. Large access doors and custom service tools make for effortless maintenance and assured uptime. The positioning of the motor and alternator sets on opposite sides enable multiple access points to all the main components.

“To tackle even bigger jobs, the QAC 1100 portable generator with the two QC 4003 controllers, can run alone or in parallel with other generators. You have the choice of island mode or power management system. You can run the generator in parallel with mains, peak shaving, mains power export/import, fixed power and automatic mains failure).” Says Kevin.

For more information on diesel generators please contact your local dealer or call 1800 733 782.

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