28 Oct, 2019
11 Dec, 2017


Atlas CEA has just launched the reliable and predictable range of QIS Atlas Copco generators. According to David Buttigieg, Account Manager for Atlas CEA, the QIS range is designed to combine maximum choice with exceptional reliability and performance.

“From primary to critical backup power needs, these generators are designed for optimal performance in the most demanding conditions and all applications – they will be your solution for predictable power,” says David.

Atlas Copco designed the QIS range to the very highest standards to combine low cost of ownership, reliable performance and risk-free operation.

“The QIS range carries out extreme testing for both components and for the assembled units – resulting in exceptional reliability,” says David. “This range is also expertly designed to work reliably in extreme temperatures, making the generators well-suited to harsh Australian conditions.”

He adds, “A tough, rust-proof canopy protects all components from driving rains or searing heat.”

The QIS range allows you to specify the configuration of your generator through a wide range of useful options.

“You can customize everything from the power output to the required level of noise suppression,” says David. “Thanks to its versatility and user-friendliness, it can be easily integrated into all your projects.”

Along with the versatility that comes from customization, the QIS range also makes maintenance easier.

“These generators come with a 500 hours service interval and decreased service downtime due to heavy duty fuel filtration system with water separator,” says David.

“Excellent accessibility and serviceability that allows easy cleaning of the radiator and convenient access to the alternator.”

For more information on diesel generators please contact your local dealer or call 1800 733 782.


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