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David is a producer of mixed grains and cotton. He has been managing his farm in Cecil Plains, Queensland for 20 years. The farm has been operating for 50 years and was passed down in the family.

“The Atlas Copco portable air compressor is a 1980s model and I’ve had it for 15 years,” says David. “It still works well.”

He adds, “I purchased the compressor second hand off a local hire company.”

Atlas Copco portable air compressors have been used on Australian farms for decades.

“My favourite feature of the machine is the capacity of the air and the constant air pressure,” says David. “The machine is relatively easy for me to service myself most of the time.”

He adds, “Overall it’s a well-built machine and I’m really happy with it.”

Atlas Copco portable air compressors can be used to perform various tasks around the farm including inflating tires on vehicles, cleaning production areas, powering pneumatic tools, spray painting, orchard protection, siloing excess grain and powering water pumps.

“I use my compressor for blowing the dust off harvest equipment,” says David. “I also use it for air tools in the paddock if power is not available.”

Portable air compressors can be used for a quick and easy clean-up of production areas.

“They can provide a highly efficient way of power cleaning the area with minimum fuss,” says Ross Bayly, Account Manager Atlas CEA. “They can even be used to clean stables and manure storage areas.”

He adds, “Portable air compressors are cost efficient as they don’t require expensive consumables; they only rely on the power of compressed air.”

Atlas Copco compressors can be used for maintenance work around the farm.

“Pneumatic staplers and nail guns can be used for fast DIY work on farms like putting up new structures, maintaining existing structures and running wire mesh from post to post” says Ross.

He adds, “Portable air compressors are an essential tool for farmers.”

For more information on portable air compressors please contact your local dealer or call 1800 733 782.

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