11 Dec, 2017


Sydney Paint Stripping offers services ranging from paint and varnish, textured coating, graffiti removal and paint stripping. They recently purchased an XAS 88 Kd portable air compressor. According to Eddie Karavus, Managing Director of Sydney Paint Stripping, they provide the most efficient and solvent free solutions to remove paintings from tough surfaces.

“We provide more than just paint stripping,” says Eddie. “We work in high and low pressure cleaning, lead paint abatement, graffiti removal, heritage building restoration and desalination, abrasive micro blasting, captive water washing, antique furniture restoration, wood surface finishing, painting and polishing, line mark removing, limewash removing, rust proofing and boat detailing services.”

Sydney Paint Stripping was the winner of the Master Painters Award for Excellence in 2017. They have worked on the Sydney Central Train Station, Byron Bay Light House, Carfax (The Shore School in North Sydney) and the UNSW College of Fine Arts.

“We purchased the Atlas Copco portable air compressor to support our growing business,” says Eddie.

The XAS 88 Kd mobile air compressor delivers 175CM and 100psi (g) and can be towed behind a normal passenger car.

This compact and lightweight air compressor is 150kg lighter than comparable models. Reduced service time, fuel consumption and increase utilisation are all possible with the XAS 88 Kd.

The HardHat® canopy is proven to be tough and increases the durability of the compressor.

For more information on portable air compressors please contact your local dealer or call 1800 733 782.

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