11 Dec, 2017


Hire Express is a new general equipment hire company based in Blacktown, New South Wales. According to Allen Besseling, CEO of Hire Express, Atlas CEA has been able to quickly respond to their needs by delivering diesel generators, portable air compressors and lighting towers.

“We supply hire equipment to lots of tier one construction projects,” says Allen. “The Atlas CEA team has been able to deliver urgent stock to me a number of times.”

Hire Express prides themselves on their fleet of brand new hire equipment and highly experienced staff.

“Atlas Copco diesel generators, air compressors and lighting towers are known to be reliable products and that strong brand supports our brand,” says Allen.


Diesel Generators

Atlas Copco diesel generators are robust, well-made and have low running costs. They have class-leading fuel efficiency, tough and rust-proof canopies, spillage free frames (110% containment), less than 2 hour service for either 500 or 1000 hour service intervals and high residual values.

Designed and built to the very highest standards, Atlas Copco diesel generators carry out extreme testing for both components and for the assembled units – resulting in exceptional reliability.


Portable Air Compressors

Atlas Copco portable air compressors are robust, well-made and have low running costs. A HardHat™ canopy is tough, really tough. It is designed to be highly impact resistant so it can shrug off dents and fractures. In a tough working environment, this really pays off. Where even the best-protected steel canopy compressors are going to get bashed and bettered, a HardHat™ will keep its good looks longer. No dents, no scratches and corrosion. No time and money consuming repair and repaint jobs.


Lighting Towers

Atlas Copco Lighting Towers provide a large spread of quality light. A single lighting tower can cover an area of between 2 and 5m2 with an average of 10 to 20 lux (brightness). The lighting tower engines have been developed to reduce fuel consumption allowing more running hours out of a single tank.


For more information on Atlas Copco diesel generators, portable air compressors and lighting towers please call 1800 733 782.

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