E-Air H450 VSD Electric Compressor

The E-Air H450 Compressor with PACE portable air compressor delivers 360-466 CFM free air delivery and 72-190psi (g) normal effective working pressure.

The E-Air H450 VSD features an in-house developed drive train with permanent magnet motor and air element that takes this compressor’s efficiency to the next level. This motor even outperforms the IE4 efficiency levels of an induction fixed speed motor. The H450 VSD offers more than unmatched performances. When you compare its footprint and weight to a diesel machine of a comparable capacity, you’ll find that the E-Air is often only half the size and weight, and includes a HardHat™ canopy.

This compact compressor is also incredibly versatile: thanks to the Xc2003 controller with PACE, you can select a pressure between 5 and 13 bar. You can wire the H450 VSD up without the need for a phase sequence installation and it will start up without peak current. Servicing the H450 VSD is as easy as operating it. The HardHat hood features a U-Flex design with easy and full access to all service points. Service intervals stretch to 2000 hours or 2 years.


E-Air H450 VSD Electric Compressor Features

Xc2003 controller with PACE. IP 65
Legendary HardHat® canopy, with U-flex design
In-house permanent magnet motor design. Oil-cooled, IP66 rated motor with potted windings, complete protection against dust and water
Water-cooled inverter. IP 66.
VSD fans for optimized cooling performance and efficiency
Standard aftercooler with bypass valve
Heavy-duty air filter with safety cartridge

E-Air H450 VSD Electric Compressor Downloads

E-Air VSD Compressor Range Brochure


Quick Spec

Working Pressure
72-190psi (g)
Free Air Delivery
Sound Pressure (LPA)
65dB (A)
VSD electric

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