Lighting Tower – Light Coverage of 6000m2 HiLight H6+

The new HiLight H6+ features a new generation of LED floodlights that are more efficient and provide optimal light distribution up to 6,000 m2 illumination area.  The new light tower from Atlas Copco comes with a dimming function to offer the right luminosity at each moment, delivering up to 40% C02 savings and extending the autonomy over 300 hours.

The control panel for the HiLight H6+ is in an exterior lateral so it is easy to access and use. This is a great benefit for users, as the doors where rotating parts are do not need to be opened to operate this light tower. The LED lighting units have 50.000hrs lifespan and are supported by an 8m galvanized mast.

Excessive noise generated by portable equipment is becoming increasingly unacceptable in urban environments, industrial work areas and events. For this reason, the HiLight H6+ delivers a significant reduction in noise levels, becoming the quietest light tower in the market emitting 55dBA at 7m.

Maintenance and transport efficiency were a priority when designing the HiLight H6+. On the first front, the light tower only requires a simple service after 600 hours of operation which can be carried out in 40 minutes. The light tower features an adjustable tow bar to provide flexibility, as it allows users to handle and transport the HiLight H6+ easily while towing with vans, trucks, and pick-ups.

Lighting Tower – Light Coverage of 6000m2 HiLight H6+ Features

6000 Light Coverage M2 (average 20 luxes)
HardHat body
Extra Safety Features - Hydraulic Vertical Mast
Lamp Durability/ Life Expectancy - LED 50.000 Hrs
Lower Noise 55dB(A) @ 7m
600hr Service Interval

Lighting Tower – Light Coverage of 6000m2 HiLight H6+ Downloads

HiLight H6+ Brochure


Quick Spec

Light Coverage m2
6000 (average of 20 luxes)
LED 4x350W
Vertical Hydraulic
HardHat Body
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Autonomy